Sunday, December 6, 2009

Must be the OCD

So... today is December 7, 2009. It's a Monday and it is 1:11 am. I should be asleep, but hell, I'm not!!! Lol. Today also marks the day of my first blog entry, so here it goes!

I guess I'll start with the idea behind OBSESSIVE♥compulsive™ .

I started the whole "OCD" theme as an ode to my fashion obsession. Fashion is an art form, making it a form of personal expression. As a singer and songwriter, I'm also obsessed with my music. That too is an artform, and a form of expression which I love. And as a graphic designer...

Well, lol. You get the picture.

My music, my art and my fashion are all forms of expression for me. But being OBSESSIVE♥compulsive™ is so much more than a form of expression.


So in reading/subscribing/sharing/loving/hating this blog, I just want you to know that being OBSESSIVE♥compulsive™ is a LIFESTYLE and never a trend.

With that said, I would like to introduce myself...

I enjoy sock monkeys, corn Chex, techno music and graphic design. I own every album ever released by Coldplay and I have a fondness for the color red. I used to hate "Alphabet Street" by Prince, but it has since grown on me. And I love chocolate-chip banana pancakes. (lol)

Hello. My name is SahLence and I am OBSESSIVE♥compulsive™.

Feel free to make friends with me on twitter, facebook and myspace.

Also, subscribe to me on YouTube at THEREALSAHLENCE.

Have I plugged you guys enough?

I think YES. Lol.

Keep posted!!!

Much Love,

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